Kalay Diocese, Myanmar – Latin Rite

Diocesan Retreat Centre,
Mainuai, Tedim Township
Founded on 19.03.2012 or 14.11.2011

In 1995 Mr.Patrick Kham Val Lian from Myanmar, visited St.Scholastica’s Monastery, Umran. After his live-in experience, he realized that the Benedictine Monastic life would be appreciated in Myanmar, so he requested Mother Teresita, Abbess of Shanti Nilayam Abbey, to accept some girls for formation.
In December 1998, Patrick brought a group of young women to St.Scholastica’s Monastery. They fell in well with our Monastic life. After a year they proceeded to Shanti Nilayam for their formation. On 11th July 2004, 4 Sisters made their First monastic Profession; and on 31st October 2010, their Solemn Profession. Another two sisters made their First Profession on 8th September 2006, and their Solemn Profession on 2012. At the invitation of Bishop Felix Lian Khan Thang of Kelay Diocese, four Sisters started a Benedictine Foundation, St.Benedict’s Monastery. Presently, they are residing in the Diocesan Retreat Centre, at Mainuai. The official opening of the Monastery was on 19th March 2012. They have an Altar Bread Department, a smallpiggery and a small vegetable garden. They also make Mass wine this is the main source of income for the maintenance of the Sisters.

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